Helping to educate students about natural resources is a major emphasis of the Conservation District.  Our programs include:

  • Classroom presentations on soil, water, habitats and other natural resource sciences.
  • A lesson series on plants, seeds, food and nutrition that includes planting a class vegetable garden.
  • Demonstrations using the Enviroscape watershed model: perfect for studies of water, soil erosion and pollution.
  • Contests for students to learn about natural resources through posters, photography and art projects.
  • Arbor Day programs with seedling giveaways and on-site tree planting celebrations.


for 1st graders:

This is an 8-lesson series with a monthly lesson leading up to the planting of a spring vegetable garden in March that can be harvested before school is out in May.  The series aligns with plant science standards for first grade - and students get to eat the crops they grew!!





The District sponsors several contests for students each year:

  • Conservation Poster Contest
  • Photography Contest
  •                                                                  Winners of the 2018 poster contest with theme: "Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home"




All presentations are geared to specific grade level standards and are tailored to the needs of the requesting teacher. Most programs include a short PowerPoint and an interactive game or activity to reinforce the message. 

The Enviroscape watershed model brings water issues to life - and demonstrates runoff, water quality, pollution, erosion in a setting that students can relate to.


The first Friday in December is the day to celebrate and learn about trees in South Carolina. The Conservation District helps schools conduct tree-panting ceremonies and presents seedlings to the students. 

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